National #CSEDay17 Awareness Day – Event Update #2

She didn't feel she had a choice

National #CSEDay17 Awareness Day – Event Update #2

Support for the National Child Sexual Awareness Raising Day (#CSEDay17) taking place on March 18th 2017 has gathered incredible pace with events large and small happening up and down the UK.

Here is a round-up of events so far:

Slough Borough Council: Theatre Company Loudmouth will be presenting their CSE production and training session in morning and afternoon sessions to professionals and community members. There will also be updates on the local CSE picture and the journey travelled so far by all partner working

Bright Futures will be promoting the NWG #HelpingHands Campaign once again this year. We engage with 400 young people each week in schools, colleges, through outreach detached work and working one to one with clients, all of these groups will receive education around healthy relationships, grooming, online safety and child sexual exploitation. As part of the education sessions young people will be encouraged to make a pledge using the hashtag #HelpingHands and promote this through their own social media and mobile app. Bright Futures will also post pledges throughout the weeks well as encouraging our partners to make pledges (including our funders, housing providers, local authority and Northumbria Police.) We will also take part in the NWG Thunderclap which we will be encouraging all young people to sign up to, signing up to this through social media.
Alongside this we will be holding information stalls in schools and colleges (to specifically engage 16-18 year olds) across Tyne and Wear during lunch times and breaks where we can distribute information promoting the NWG campaign and our mobile app as well as having informal discussions with young people where they can share concerns.
Bright Futures are also holding a half day community event where young women will be encouraged to invite their mothers/main carer to the event to take part in a range of informal education activities to raise awareness of CSE and fun activities including dancing, henna tattoos and Indian head massage.

Newcastle Safeguarding Children Board: will have an information board in the Civic Reception area.
SCARPA are holding an awareness event which will be attended by PCC Vera Baird

South Tyneside Safeguarding Board: will be leading on dissemination and coordination of awareness raising work across the borough including: (As the national campaign day is a Saturday)  in order to engage with a wider audience in particular sporting events we have engaged with the key sports venues / football clubs etc. and have arranged for the CSE literature and information packs to be distributed amongst the young people / parents/ coaches.
All providers and partners including schools  issued with CSE packs
Council and providers have agreed to get the CSE message out on all plasma screens across the borough
Youth groups working on a display using the #HelpingHand pledges that they are collecting
Press and publicity are on board – an article is going out in the council residents newsletter, media statement / press release all lined up which will include Lead Members of the council and young people

Gateshead Council’s Adolescent Youth Support Services (AYSS): will be delivering positive messages to all young people they work with in week commencing 13th march.Sessions will be delivered in some schools and other settings with groups or 1-1 interventions and the young people will be supported to complete the Loves me Loves me not Quiz online.Young people engaging in these sessions will then receive the Loves me Loves me not card and wristband and staff will ensure they understand the message and aware of the phone number on wristband.

London Borough of Havering – are planning a series of activities for the day including all relevant staff displaying Stop-CSE banners on email signatures. A stop-cse web banner will be included in all relevant e-newsletters and awareness raising messages will be broadcast on Facebook and Twitter. A press release will be issued to ensure the message is as far reaching as possible

Lewisham Borough MPS are holding a Q&A Session via Twitter between 16.00 and 17.00

The Rose Project (Magdalane Group Young Peoples Services Team)- will be in the centre of Norwich all day, on the Hay Hill charity stall, with literature & stickers & a street collection, promoting awareness & supporting young people.

Wiltshire and Swindon LSCB CSE Sub-Groups including Wiltshire Police – will have a focus on ‘Seldom heard/hard to reach groups’ this year. Children with disabilities and those outside mainstream education will be a significant part of the media campaign and messaging.

Isle of Wight (St Thomas Square Newport) – on 18.03.17 there will be a Wi-Fi enabled youth bus available. Visitors to the bus will be asked to write a stop-cse pledge on their hand and post to social media using #HelpingHand

Metropolitan Police area – are holding a week of action and have asked all London Boroughs to take part in the National CSE Awareness Day. They are also holding an Awareness Day on Friday 17th March at the Kingsway Hall Hotel Holborn with over 150 delegates expected ranging from LSCB, MASE Chairs, MET Police CSE Lead and representatives from the Children’s Commissioner’s Office and Borough Commanders.

Bishopthorpe, York  Listen Up… an exhibition, co-produced by ex-service users, all of whom have experience of exploitation through sexual abuse. This interactive experimental exhibition depicts the journey of a young person who is being exploited, form the first instance of not recognising and resisting support, to moving on after CSE. The exhibition will highlight the feelings, thoughts and words of wisdom of young people about their experiences of sexual exploitation – enabling the visitor to feel what the young person experiences. The exhibition sends a clear message that it is never the young persons fault and that we should all Listen Up.

Jersey Youth Service – are planning interactive information stalls in schools and in town leading up to, including and after #CSEDay17. The stalls will have devices available to enable young people to take part in the online quiz Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead – are planning to run a week of CSE Awareness raising leading up to #CSEDay17 

Merton Police (London Borough of Merton) – will have an information stall in the station all week with CSE Awareness Raising posters and other CSE information available.

South Staffordshire and Shropshire NHS Foundation Trust – will be raising awareness within sexual health clinics and via their social media platforms to ensure people within the area are made aware of CSE. #CSEDay17 posters will be utilised through Stafford and Crannock

SafetyWorks-Interactive Safety Centre – will be delivering CSE sessions to schools March 6th, 8th & 16th and promoting #HelpingHand pledges which will be featured on NWG site and Northumbria Police social media. The team will be attending “Exploring & Responding to Digital Sexual Violence’ course. On 18th March staff will be showcasing the centre and their work. Every scenario will have resources, films and leaflets in view. Local NPT teams will be invited to encourage and advertise the centre and the sessions delivered.  The day will be an open event, allowing everyone to walk around the centre, coffee and biscuits will be supplied.
SafetyWorks are currently working with the Newcastle law students and hope that some will take part in the day, as they will be assisting us in some of our deliveries within schools and the centres
We are looking to have a representative from Streetwise whom we work closely with, also we are making contact with Victims First for a representative to attend.

Basis YP (Leeds)and Time 2 (N. Yorkshire) –  will be hosting an artistic experiential exhibition about CSE – where visitors can “experience” and learn from young people about resistance support and moving from CSE. The exhibition has been co- produced by young people who have experienced CSE and includes a film  co-produced by them and sound clips from young people.
Dates: 15 – 17 March
Opening times: 3 – 8 – short welcome events at 5:30 (Wed), 4:30 and 5:30 (Thu) and 4:30 (Friday)
Location:  Art Hostel, Kirkgate Leeds

Dates: Fri:  17th March
Opening times: 2 – 6  with short welcome event at 4)
Location:  York College

Surrey Police in conjunction with the Surrey Safeguarding Children’s Board are holding a number of CSE Awareness activities throughout March including;

  •  The launch of the CSE Awareness Campaign Operation Makesafe to Hotels/Taxis and Off licences – the official launch taking place on 16th March 2017.
  • Showing the new CSE play ‘Crashing’ (by the same Theatre Company that produced the hugely successful Chelsea’s Choice) initially in 10 schools across Surrey during the last week of March (27th – 31st).
  • Voice of the Child – Listen Up event on the 29th March – workshops with young people to seek their views on how to improve the way that professionals support and respond to young people who are being sexually exploited or who are at risk of being sexually exploited.
  • Workforce development event on identifying signs of CSE in boys.
  • Launch of improved family information website together with a social media campaign seeking feedback from parents on existing CSE Services.
  • Co-ordinated awareness raising activities in all council-run youth centres in Surrey.

If you would like to tell us about your events please email [email protected]

If you have any write ups/press releases or pictures from your events we would love to see  and share them.

Please use #CSEDay17 and #HelpingHands for social media, plus Text VOICE to 70007 if you wish to support the NWG network.

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If you know of an event taking place in your area please do let us know.

The NWG Team